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Elder Caring Inc. and ‘The Wellness Binder’: Helping Older Adults Plan for the Future

The statistics have been repeated time and again: our population is aging. Statistics Canada reports that, by 2061, seniors are projected to comprise 24% to 28% of the population. With this rise in the number of older adults comes a concomitant increase in the number of individuals acting as caregivers. At WEL we frequently see families struggling with eldercare issues, including assisting with financial planning, understanding the needs and wishes of loved ones, locating and organizing healthcare information and coordinating care arrangements. When care is placed in the hands of a variety of individuals, such as healthcare providers or substitute decision makers, it can be challenging to address a loved one’s needs and wellbeing without a centralized source of relevant documents and information.

Enter: The Wellness Binder.

Audrey Miller, a recognized expert in life care planning, aging and caregiving issues, has created an innovative resource tool allowing elderly individuals to document, maintain and update important personal information. Drawing on her extensive background working with older adults and their caregiving families, educating professionals in the legal and financial communities about aging issues and the needs of caregivers, and helming Elder Caring Inc., a geriatric care management company, Audrey developed the Wellness Binder to organize details pertinent to a particular person’s unique needs and care. Often, personal details such as medical history, financial information, medications, testamentary documents, and wishes regarding care are difficult to locate or organize for individuals who might need access to them. The Wellness Binder constitutes a systematized means of documenting this information, communicating needs and planning for the future.

The Wellness Binder is one of the resource tools available through Elder Caring Inc., which provides assistance with geriatric care management to older individuals and their families. Consisting of a knowledgeable team of experts in social work, occupational therapy and other allied health fields, Elder Caring Inc. employs creativity and an individualized approach when working with clients towards eldercare solutions, and seeks to ensure that clients are maintaining a high quality of life while providing support and assistance to their caregivers. This type of assistance can be tremendously helpful for everyone involved in the care of older adults, and constitutes an underutilized resource for families navigating the complicated issues surrounding caregiving.

The Wellness Binder can be purchased from Elder Caring Inc. on their website at:


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