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Your Digital Undertaker – Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada

Sharon Hartung, founder & principal of ‘Your Digital Undertaker’ has written a book which is a must read in the digital era-especially if you are a lawyer drafting Wills!

Sharon is a fellow colleague and STEP Affiliate and a committee member of the STEP Global Digital Assets Special Interest Group.

The goal of Sharon’s book is to move the needle on the number of Canadians with a Will and improve estate trustee readiness in navigating their future role in the digital age.

The world has long since gone digital, and so to have estate assets and property. Everyone needs an up- to- date Will which comprehensively includes one’s digital imprint. There is something for everyone-for estate trustees, let it motivate you to ask more questions about your role before you get handed a “digital hell in a hand basket;” for those having challenging conversations with parents, family members or clients, this read opens the door for a meaningful discussion.

Chapter 7, called “Death with a side of Digital”, provides a suggested framework for pre-planning of digital assets including crypto assets that can be done in conjunction with one’s advisor to capture the legalities of the planning.

On topic, is the news segment regarding Gerald Cotten, CEO of QuadrigaCX who died without leaving passwords that unlock the company’s crypto assets. “Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange was granted protection from its creditors Tuesday as it deals with the fallout from its founder’s death and the virtual company’s inability to gain access to $180 million in digital assets believed to be locked in his laptop.”


“Your Digital Undertaker” has soft launched on Amazon Kindle e-books:

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