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Elder Abuse Initiatives South of the Border: Michigan Launches the Elder Abuse Task Force

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel along with Supreme Court Justices, county prosecutors and state legislators have recently announced the formation of the Michigan Elder Abuse Task Force. More than 30 different organizations throughout the state including law enforcement, state agencies, the Michigan House, Senate, and Congressional delegation have committed to take part.

The task force initiatives include requirement professional guardians to become certified, developing statutory basic rights for families, reviewing the process of a guardian removing a ward from his or her home, and limiting the number of wards per guardian.

The legislature aims to ensure that laws identified by the task force are strengthened or introduced. The Michigan Supreme Court is involved due to its supervisory role over all Michigan courts and because probate courts are responsible for the appointment and supervision of adult guardians.

More than 73,000 older adults in Michigan are victims of elder abuse. They experience physical abuse, financial exploitation, emotional abuse or neglect. The Department of the Attorney General has established an elder abuse hotline for anonymous tips. More information about elder abuse initiatives in Michigan can be found at the Department of the Attorney General website.

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