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June is Seniors’ Month: Ontario Securities Commission’s (OSC) Seniors Strategy

From the Ontario Securities Commission:

June is Seniors’ Month. Ontarians are living longer than ever, and older Ontarians make up a growing portion of Ontario’s population. It’s estimated that by 2041, approximately one in four Ontarians will be aged 65 or older.

The Ontario Securities Commission’s (OSC) vision is a stronger and more secure financial future for all Ontario seniors. We continue to work on implementing our Seniors Strategy which includes a comprehensive action plan of targeted policy, operational, research, educational and outreach initiatives to ensure that older Ontarians’ needs are appropriately met by the OSC and the investment industry.

Our consumer website GetSmarterAboutMoney.ca has many tools and resources for older investors.

  • New resource hub for seniors. We recently created a new resource hub to give older Ontarians a convenient, central online location to find resources available to them: consumer protection, community and social services, physical and mental health resources, legal help and more.
  • Retirement planning. To get the most out of your retirement years, it’s a good idea to have an up-to-date financial plan as well as follow a budget and use savings plans to maximize financial and tax benefits. Check out these 7 ways to prepare financially for retirement.
  • Living your retirement. Transitioning from working life to retirement takes careful financial planning and decision-making. Knowing how much you’ll need to save for retirement will help you better prepare for the future. Read about the rules for taking money out of your RRIF.
  • Review and track. You’ll receive key information when you buy and sell an investment, as well as regular account statements. Use this information to stay on top of your investments and track your progress toward meeting your goals. Review your investment account information.
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