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New book: BOBBY GETS BUBKES, Navigating the Sibling Estate Fight by Charles Ticker

Our colleague Charles Ticker, a mediator and estate litigation specialist, based in Toronto, Canada, has recently authored a book called BOBBY GETS BUBKES, Navigating the Sibling Estate Fight. Charles’s ability to explain this complex area of the law relating to sibling disputes in estates litigation in a relatable and informative manner makes the book a must read for anyone thinking of getting involved in estates litigation.

In his book, “BOBBY GETS BUBKES”, Charles B. Ticker, an Estate litigation and mediation specialist, has explained the law relating to sibling disputes in estates litigation in a witty, relatable, and informative manner. Any person who reads this book and has siblings is able to relate to it or some parts of it. . By drawing on research conducted by psychologists who aim to understand the psychology behind sibling disputes, the author makes the reader think about the underlying reason behind sibling rivalry and whether sibling rivalry is in our gene. Furthermore, his use of real life cases that he has come across in his career to provide practical examples of how the law operates, simplifies the content for the reader.

This book explores various topics ranging from the source of sibling rivalry, testamentary freedom and the limits thereof, the different perspectives of the concept of fairness, the role of an Estate Trustee, the disputes involving beneficiaries and Estate Trustees, grounds upon which a will challenge can be launched, to the various issues one is to be consider before embarking on this expensive and emotional roller coaster journey called litigation.

The book helps the reader understand and navigate this complicated area of the law, provides them with the bigger picture, helps to manage their expectations and to consider the alternatives to litigation, such as mediation at an early stage of the process.

Whether you are a lawyer practicing in this area, a layperson thinking of commencing an action against your siblings over your parent’s estate or a person who likes reading books, this book is for you.

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