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Happy New Year from All of Us at WEL Partners

Hindsight 2020 : January 2020

It is said that the key to happiness rests in one’s relationships with friends, family and one’s environment, not in the things one has and the stuff one accumulates.

The benefit of hindsight, or for lack of a better moniker, experience, allows us to learn from our past and apply such learnings to our future.

So on the eve of this New Year, though you may have work goals and personal achievements you wish to pursue, also think about those relationships you have let lapse for whatever reason.

The olive tree has historically been a symbol of peace and friendship, with ancient Greek origins. The expression to “extend an olive branch” is often used to denote an offer of reconciliation, to end a disagreement.

Make this year, your opportunity to rekindle, renew, make amends and, if not in your personal life, than try to purpose this in your professional life, where your clients may thank you for creating a unique opportunity for their own amends.

Adhere to the adage that humanity, humility and integrity are principles to live by.

From all of us at WHALEY ESTATE LITIGATION, All the Best & Happy 2020,



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