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Introducing Dr. Heyland and the Plan Well Guide

This blog is about Dr. Heyland.

Dr. Heyland is a medical doctor based out of Queen’s University in Kingston. Dr. Heyland has developed a novel planning tool called, “Plan Well Guide” and in the words of Dr. Heyland, “to live well and to die well, you need to plan well.”

Dr. Heyland has developed a planning tool to assist patients, as the Medical Professionals call them in the medical world, or clients, as we lawyers call them, to plan for their future medical care.

In the context of planning for medical care, patients need to designate their substitute decision maker and hopefully grant and execute a Power of Attorney for Personal Care with their lawyers.

One of biggest barriers for solicitors taking instructions from their clients respecting Powers of Attorney for Personal Care, or indeed for those who print off their power of attorney documents from the internet, is understanding, and preparing proper advance care planning for their medical treatment decisions.

Dr. Heyland has accordingly, tried to disseminate awareness of a planning tool that he has developed.

Before you go see your planning solicitor/lawyer to assist you with the drafting and execution of a Power of Attorney for Personal Care, I encourage you to read Dr. Daren Heyland’s Plan Well Guide: http://www.planwellguide.com

You can also find Dr. Heyland on Facebook at:@planwellguide: https://www.facebook.com/planwellguide/

On Twitter @plan_well_guide: https://twitter.com/plan_well_guide

On Instagram @plan_well_guide: https://www.instagram.com/plan_well_guide/

For solicitors directing their clients to familiarize themselves with the treatment decisions that an attorney under a Power of Attorney for Personal Care will make if necessary, Dr. Daren Heyland’s Plan Well Guide is invaluable. To direct a client to review this website and Plan Well Guide prior to an appointment will assist where the lawyer does not have the medical training to assist clients with the preparation of the terms of their Power of Attorney for Personal Care which entails specialized medical treatment consideration.

Dr. Heyland’s website fills a gap in the understanding and provides guidance in the drafting of the provisions of a Power of Attorney for Personal Care.

While grantors may provide some instruction to their substitute decision maker in the Power of Attorney for Personal Care, including treatment terms, there is often no explanation of the grantor’s values and beliefs.

Similarly, in a review of the case law surrounding the validity of power of attorney for personal care documents and the understanding that is required, there seems to be a gap in the consideration of the grantor’s values and beliefs. It is these personal values and beliefs that should inform treatment decisions once incapacity occurs but before the person is perhaps near the end of life.

Dr. Daren Heyland has provided patients, clients, and lawyers alike with a valuable website for information. I encourage everybody to become familiar with it.


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