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Canadian Bar Association Submission to the Minister of Seniors

The Canadian Bar Association has made a submission  to the Minister of Seniors, the Honourable D. Schulte P.C., M.P. as a Call to Action for the protection of Seniors in Canada As a Past Chair and honorary member of the CBA Elder Law Section, and Past Chair of the OBA Elder Law Section, I support this initiative and note that the Law Commission of Ontario did a report on the Laws Affecting Older Adults most of which initiatives have not seen any traction as well as 2 related reports, links attached. Older adults in our communities can be isolated, suffer alienation and sequestering , can become vulnerable and many in need of protection. Balancing protections, support and enhancement of legal rights is imperative in any of these initiatives. More has to be done to develop and monitor protections for seniors.

Law Commission of Ontario – Persons with Disabilities: Final Report – September 2012

Law Commission of Ontario – Legal Capacity, Decision-making and Guardianship

Law Commission of Ontario – Older Adults Final Report

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