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Practice Areas

WEL Partners Practice Areas

WEL Partners focuses on providing advice to, and representation of, clients exclusively in the following listed areas of practice. To learn more about each area please click on the title in the list below.

We offer different forms of dispute resolution including mediation while acting both as mediators in such issues, as well as counsel facilitating resolution for our own clients by means of mediated settlement and other means of alternative dispute resolution. We act as Section 3 counsel under the Substitute Decisions Act providing advice pursuant to a Court Appointment. We act as agents to solicitors in agency retainers.

Issues of undue influence, capacity, fraud, forgery, suspicious circumstances, and the wrongful depletion of assets frequently arise in this practice area. Concepts of alienation and sequestering are also one's which are prevalent. We assist clients in navigating these very difficult and emotional issues and concepts.

Litigation, Mediation throughout Ontario

Click on the W or text to learn more about each Practice Area:

Will, Estate, Trust Disputes

Advising Fiduciaries

Dependant Support Claims

Passing of Estate, Trustee, Attorney, Guardian and Fiduciary Accounts

Capacity Proceedings


Power of Attorney Disputes

Consent & Capacity Board

End-of-Life and Treatment Decisions

Medical Assistance in Dying

Elder Law

Elder Financial Abuse

Solicitor's Negligence

Representation of Persons Under Disability

Probate Applications


Agency Services

Approval Motions Under Rule 7


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