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Elder Financial Abuse

A definition of financial abuse offered by The National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE):

“an action or lack of action with respect to material possessions, funds, assets, property, or legal documents, that is unauthorized, or coerced, or a misuse of legal authority;”1 or where someone tricks, threatens or persuades older adults out of their money, property or possessions2 ,

Financial abuse can occur through3:


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3. These types of abuse are discussed in : Kathleen Cunningham, Financial Abuse: The Ways and Means (Vancouver: Canadian Centre for the Elder Law, 2012),online: www.bcli.org/blog/ways-and-means-financial-abuse; Joan Braun, Elder Abuse: “An Overview of Current Issues and Practice Considerations” (Paper delivered at a Continuing Legal Education course given in Vancouver, 2009), Continuing Legal Society of BC, [Elder Abuse: An Overview]; Charmaine Spencer, Financial Abuse of Older Adults, (Ottawa: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2012). This list of examples is not exhaustive.

4. For a full discussion of undue influence see BL Law Institute, Project on Undue Influence: recommended Practices for Wills Practitioners (Vancouver: BC Law Institute, 2011) online: www.bcli.org/bclrg/projects/projects-potential-undue-influence-recommended-practices-wills-practitioners >. The publication includes a helpful 4-page tool of red flags and key considerations. Although the resource was designed in response to anticipated statutory changes to the role of undue influence in estate law in BC, the resource contains useful suggestions that would apply outside BC and to other legal and financial transactions.

5. For a full discussion of the legal issues related to family care agreements see BC Law Institute, Report on Private Care Agreements between Older Adults and Friends and Family Members (Vancouver: BC Law Institute, 2002), online: www.bcli.org/bclrg/projects/private-care-agreements-between-older-adults-and-friends-or-family-members>. 

6. Predatory marriage is the expression used to characterize relationships where a person marries an older person in order to get access to their money and assets.

7. Supra note 3.


Background Paper “Financial Abuse of Seniors: An Overview Of Key Legal Issues And Concepts” Prepared By: Canadian Center For Elder Law For: International Federation On Ageing March 2013

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WEL blog and paper: Power of Attorney Documents: Financial Abuse, Risks and Misuse

This overview is intended for the purposes of providing information only and is to be used only for the purposes of guidance. This information is not intended to be relied upon as the giving of legal advice and does not purport to be exhaustive. Whaley Estate Litigation.

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