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Aging and Death at Cannes: Michael Haneke’s Amour Receives Raves

As the premier film festival in Cannes continues, a notable buzz surrounds a film with a difficult subject matter. Austrian director Michael Haneke’s film, Amour, tells the story of an older couple as they cope with the wife’s stroke and subsequent dementia and decline.

The screening at Cannes was extremely well-received, with a seven-minute standing ovation. Critics and the public alike are clearly moved by the film that touches on universal themes.

In an interview with the Guardian, Haneke said that the film is not about death but “simply about how you deal with the suffering of someone you love.”

The rave reviews have led many to speculate that Haneke will receive another top prize at Cannes, having received the Palme D’Or in 2009 for “The White Ribbon.”

To read the Guardian review of Amour, click here.

To read the Los Angeles Times report on Amour, click here.

And to watch an interview with Michael Haneke at Cannes about Amour, click here.


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