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Windsor Star: Connection between Elder Financial Abuse and Struggling Economy

The Windsor Star recently reported on a case of elder financial abuse involving an elderly woman who was robbed of her savings by her younger common law husband and his friends. The woman was seventy-five and had severe health problems, which her forty-nine year old husband took advantage of and stole over $200,000.00 from her over several years using a power of attorney and other means.

A representative from the Family Services Windsor was quoted as saying that this type of crime is on the rise and that it can be tied directly to the downturn in the economy in Windsor and the surrounding area. Often the perpetrators are family members or caregivers and the victim is hesitant to report the crime.

This story is a good reminder that you should be very careful when appointing someone as an attorney under a power of attorney, even if it is a family member.

Link to the Windsor Star article

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