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Lest we forget – a blog of poetry and remembrance

WEL remembers this year, with the gift of some poetry written by Mabel I. S. Good, born in the 1800’s in England. Mabel started writing poetry in her teenage years. Mabel was a Governor for the Sir William Perkins Grammar School, in Chertsey England. Mabel was also an editor for many years for the Surrey Herald in England.

Mabel had one son Eric, who served in the Navy in both WW 1 and WW 2. Her daughter Gladys was a nurse, injured in the bombs in Vickers Armstrong, a Barnes Wallace bomb. Mabel also had a third child, Hugh who served in the Police Force in London, England.

These poems were written circa 1918, by the grandmother of one of our clients. The poems speak to the tragedy and pain of the time as well as the thanks and gratitude to our fallen soldiers.

Mabel wrote thousands of poems, these are a mere 2, a selection our client shared with us and we in turn are sharing with you.

Click to download a scan of these poems: From Every Mother to Any Wounded Soldier & Prayer for the Sailors



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