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The MAID Tool: Supporting Clinicians Navigating Medical Assistance in Dying

The federal government passed legislation in June of 2016, amending the Criminal Code and establishing a federal framework for Medical Assistance in Dying (“MAID”).

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (“MOHLTC”) engaged the Centre for Effective Practice (“CEP”) to develop a resource in an effort to support clinicians as they navigate the legislation and clinical provision of MAID (the “MAID Tool”).

As explained on the CEP website, the MAID Tool summarizes the requirements outlined in the federal legislation and guidelines by various provincial regulatory colleges to support clinicians with a patient request for MAID. The MAID Tool also highlights key considerations and recommends processes for the provision of MAID by medical and nurse practitioners. CEP notes that it is intended to supplement, not circumvent, existing regulatory body requirements or institutional processes that have been implemented.

The MAID Tool is available from CEP at the following link: https://thewellhealth.ca/maid/

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