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NoticeConnect’s Canada Will Registry now has a search feature

NoticeConnect’s Canada Will Registry aims to make estate administration easier and more cost-effective by providing a centralized platform on which to register a person’s will. Registration can ensure that a testator’s will is not lost, and give estate administrators greater certainty that unknown documents will not emerge on some later date. The Registry’s search feature, which anyone can use to search for a particular will, is now available for use.

For a $95 fee, which can be disbursed to the estate, an estate administrator can search for any registered will from a specific testator. If someone has registered a will that matches the testator’s information, they will be notified, and will contact the person who submitted the search. The estate administrator will also receive a Search Certificate, to prove that they took effective action to find the will.

NoticeConnect’s announcement of the search feature, including a link to the Registry, is available at: https://blog.noticeconnect.com/canada-will-registry-open-for-searches/

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