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Kim and Lua Interview on Elder Abuse Airing January 22 8pm YES TV

Kim Whaley and Lua Ebrahimi of our offices were interviewed by Faten AlFaraj, a producer with the TV show “Context beyond the Headlines” on the topic of Elder Abuse.

The interview will air on YES TV on Wednesday, 22 January, 2020 at 8:00 pm. Check out the link to the airing schedule on tv and through Facebook below:



By doing the interview, Kim and Lua Hope to contribute in raising awareness of this social issue that affects our community.

WEL partners’ soon to be published book on Elder Law, the newest in the series of books that WEL has published concerning one of it’s practice areas was also discussed.

Through team effort, WEL has compiled a fairly comprehensive guide on this topic, to be used as a resource to help individuals recognize the red flags that indicate abuse, report and understand the remedies available to victims of such abuse through the various provincial legislation available and through the criminal code.

We hope you enjoy the interview!

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