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Active Screening at Courthouses for ALL Court Participants

In the interests of the health and safety of all persons attending a courthouse that opened on July 6 as part of the incremental plan for return to full-court operations by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, a COVID-19 Active Screening Protocol is currently in effect for all court participants.

Attendees will be asked questions regarding recent travel, potential exposure to the virus, and whether they are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.

Answering the screening questions is a pre-requisite for all persons seeking to enter the courthouse, including ministry staff and justice sector partners.

The screening can be completed at anytime/anyplace prior to arrival at the courthouse, online. The screening tools are also available for completion in paper-based format or verbally where required, at the courthouse.  Once you have your screening result, all visitors are required to present their screening result to designated entrance monitors as they enter the courthouse. Individuals who are deemed inadmissible through the screening process will be redirected to alternative processes.

Links to the screening tool are available online at:

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