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Attention: Revised Commercial / Estates List Filing Direction – Effective August 14, 2020

Revised Commercial /Estates List Filing Direction has been issued effective immediately (August 14, 2020).

View link: https://www.ontariocourts.ca/scj/notices-and-orders-covid-19/commercial-list-and-estates-list-filing-direction/

Commercial List and Estates List Filing Direction

1. Effective immediately, all proceedings that require any material to be filed to the court shall be filed by:

  • first, filing the materials through the Civil Submissions Online portal; and
  • second, establishing a storage space on sync.com that is unique to the case, and uploading the materials there.

This process will replace sending materials to the judge and the Commercial/Estates List office by email.

Materials should be uploaded to the sync.com storage space only after they have been accepted for filing through the Civil Submissions Online portal.

2. This will be a temporary measure until the court moves all files over to the new CaseLines system.

3. As soon as the moving party uploads its motion record to the sync.com location, it shall provide a link to the storage space to all opposing parties so they can access the moving parties’ material and upload their own.

4. The sync.com site shall contain a separate folder for material filed by each participating party. Each folder will be labelled with the filing party’s name only. Parties may upload material to their own folder only and may not alter any material uploaded by any other party.

5. All documents other than factums shall be uploaded to the sync.com site in searchable PDF format. Factums shall be uploaded to the sync.com in WORD and PDF format.

6. Earlier directions concerning the filing of electronic compendiums and hyperlinking factums continue to apply.

7. The link should remain active until the judge’s decision in the matter has been released.

8. This process will take effect immediately for any matters with a hearing date on or after Monday, August 17, 2020. If you have already sent a judge materials in respect of a hearing on or after August 17, a site should be established on sync.com and be populated with materials that have already been delivered as well as any additional filings.

9. The moving party will provide the judge hearing the matter and the Commercial/Estates List office with a link to the sync.com file site 48 hours before the hearing.


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