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Electronic Wills in British Columbia – Update

Last year I posted a blog[1] about the British Columbia statute, Wills, Estates and Succession Amendment Act, 2020.[2] It introduced electronic wills, but its provisions did not come into force immediately to permit the province to enact amended rules. The legislation has now been brought into force effective 1 December 2021,[3] together with amendments to the Supreme Court Civil Rules[4] that implement the legislation, which also become effective on 1 December 2021.[5]

[1]    “Electronic Wills Encore: New BC Legislation”. http://welpartners.com/blog/2020/08/electronic-wills-encore-new-bc-legislation/.

[2]    SBC 2020, c 12 (Bill 21).

[3]    BC Order in Council 2021-541.

[4]    BC Reg. 168/2009

[5]    BC Order in Council 2021-540

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