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In Memoriam – Mary Louise Dickson

Mary Louise Dickson was a former law partner of mine when I was a partner at Dickson MacGregor Appell LLP.  Mary Louise was a partner working from the offices of Dickson Appell until recently retiring. I would often see her in my neighbourhood which was also her neighbourhood,  in between offices on Alcorn and her home on St. Clair. Mary Louise always had a story to share and a smile on her face. Mary Louise sadly passed away on January 22nd. Her obituary can be accessed here


Both Mary Louise and I had in common that we were Bishop Strachan School Graduates-old girl alumnae! BSS honoured Mary Louise for her contributions to the school and as a leader in the community. Mary Louise often said that BSS saved her life  and taught her to be confident and that showed in her great strengths. Overcoming many obstacles including Polio, she became one of only three women in a class of 150 attending Osgoode Hall law school. Mary Louise was a Q.C., she was a bencher, she was a highly respected lawyer, she received the Order of Ontario, she received a number of distinguished awards from the Ontario Bar Association including for distinguished service and excellence in estates and trusts, she was an author, she was an advocate for her clients and for persons under disability, and she could throw a wicked dinner party-like no other! She supported her friends and colleagues and always was on the right side of fairness. She spoke up and did not shy away from approaching difficult issues head on. I learned later in life how she confidentially stood up for me, advocated for me on a sensitive matter early in my career. She never told me about having done so, but 2 senior respected colleagues did so many years later and I thanked her for her kindness.

My condolences to her friends, colleagues, and family. My life was enriched for having known Mary Louise, my practice was enriched by her wisdom, my heart was touched by her kindness. I trust wherever she is now she will be remembered for her courageous appetite for helping people and her unwavering integrity.


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