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We are so very pleased at WEL Partners to have an association with Irit Gertzbein, an exceptional senior wills, estates, and trusts solicitor. Irit works with WEL Partner clients, our referrals, and our team to provide drafting, administration, and planning services. Irit hosts her practice at Gertzbein Law and proudly has a relationship with us to facilitate further access to services that fall outside our team's expertise.

Irit Gertzbein, LLB, TEP, practices trusts and estates law with a personal approach to working with her clients.

Irit prepares wills and trusts often involving blended families, multiple jurisdictions, with a view to minimize income tax, probate tax, to avoid family disputes or worse, litigation, and to protect assets from creditors, cross-generationally. Irit advises clients on incapacity planning strategies that safeguard assets and promote autonomy while maintaining family harmony.

Irit represents executors, beneficiaries, intestate estates, heirs-at-law and, trustees of inter-vivos trusts, with respect to their rights and obligations. Irit works closely with accountants, financial advisors, local and foreign jurisdiction lawyers, on estate planning and estate administration matters regarding clients’ personally held and corporately owned property.

She is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Ontario Bar Association. Prior to starting her sole practice, Irit practiced trusts & estates law at several major Toronto law firms.


Irit Gertzbein

Irit Gertzbein, LLB, TEP, Gertzbein Law

Telephone: (416) 543-8048, Email: irit@gertzbeinlaw.com

Website: GertzbeinLaw.com

Practice Areas

Wills: Single Wills, Mirror Spousal Wills, Mutual Spousal Wills with Domestic Contract, Multiple Wills to address multiple jurisdictions or privately held corporate shares.

Trusts: Discretionary Family Trusts, Spousal Trusts, Alter-Ego Trusts, Joint-Partner Trusts, Insurance Trusts, Trusts for Individuals with Disabilities, Trusts for U.S. Persons, testamentary and inter-vivos.

Estates: Succession planning, administration, distribution, of domestic and foreign estates.

Powers of Attorney: Grant of authority to make decisions regarding property and personal care.

Joint Ownership: Discrete portion to protect assets, or, jointly with right of survivorship to transfer property outside the estate.

Private Corporations: Corporate Governance, Estate Freezes.

Beneficiary Designation: Gifts outside the estate.

Passing of Accounts: Applications to court for approval of accounts, on behalf of executors, trustees, attorneys, and guardians.

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