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Kimberly Whaley and Bryan Gilmartin, jointly or individually, mediate estate, trust and fiduciary disputes including in the areas of capacity, undue influence, powers of attorney, guardianship, fiduciary accountings, predatory marriages, dependant support and ancillary related areas.

Kimberly Whaley is a trained and experienced mediator. In addition to participating in years of mediations both as counsel and as mediator, Kimberly received certification through the Institute for Conflict Management in 2008. She was inducted into the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, Ontario Branch in December 2021. Bryan Gilmatin has been mediating with Kimberly since 2019.

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To discuss your mediation requirements, check conflicts, arrange dates please contact Kimberly directly at (416) 355-3250, or Estate Clerk, Bibi Minoo at (416) 355-3251.

In estate litigation emotion and principle often contribute to intransigence and entrenchment in positions. Under such circumstances, legal and professional costs can accumulate exponentially. Mediation is an effective tool to a more expedient, efficient, and costly resolution which is client based and client controlled. As a neutral subject matter specialist, Kimberly assists in the facilitation of resolution.

Kimberly conducts mediation of disputes throughout Ontario including in the following areas:

Mediation Resources

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