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Sareh Lua Ebrahimi, LLB, Associate Lawyer

Sareh Ebrahimi

Sareh joined WEL Partners as an Articling Student in February of 2019 and was called to the Ontario Bar in January 2020. Sareh received her LLB in 2009 from Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and practiced in Johannesburg with a focus on estate planning and litigation. She is currently working toward receiving the TEP designation through the STEP Assessment by Exam.

Sareh has worked Pro Bono on various cases as she believes that justice needs to be accessible to all. Sareh is passionate about this area of the law and recognizes the importance of leaving one’s affairs in order and communicating one’s wishes to people who are competent, willing to listen and carry out the wishes so that the loved ones can focus on overcoming their loss. By utilizing her knowledge, mediation skills, and consulting with team members, Sareh strives to achieve her client’s wishes while always having their best interests at heart.

When not practicing law, Sareh enjoys spending time with family and volunteering by participating in community-building activities.

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