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Special Notice Regarding Virtual Mediation During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kimberly Whaley continues to mediate your estate, trust and related matters during the Covid-19 pandemic through the provision of virtual Mediation and Arbitration services utilizing secure Zoom technology. WEL Partners is participating in the Estate Bar's Estate Arbitration and Litigation Management (EALM) Initiative spearheaded by Suzana Popovic-Montag from Hull & Hull. Please contact our office for more information and to discuss your Mediation needs.


Whether your dispute concerns an Estate Challenge, Fiduciary Accountability, a Power of Attorney dispute, or Guardianship, Whaley Estate Mediation can facilitate resolution in the following areas:

The nature of family relationships continues to change just as societal values and norms continue to change and develop. Our population is aging rapidly which is only projected to continue. Our elderly are living longer.

Estate planning is not static and is increasingly complex. Often the plan stops short of providing for the kinds of solutions that are needed to deal with evolving family dynamics.

Changing facets include legal, financial, medical, social and family concerns over retirement, dependency, illness, incapacity, autonomy, dignity, long-term care, lifestyle, housing, disability, abuse, neglect, fraud, end of life decisions, and estate planning or lack thereof.

Emotion and principle often cause intransigence and entrenchment in position. Under such circumstances, legal and professional costs are paramount concerns and can accrue exponentially.


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