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NEW e-book Available Now! Oosterhoff Blogs on Estates & Trusts – Volume 1

Oosterhoff Blogs on Estates & Trusts – Volume 1 is a compilation of 62 blogs on a wide range of estate, trust and related subjects written by Albert H. Oosterhoff between 2016 and 2021 and published to the Whaley Estate Litigation Partners Blog site.

Oosterhoff Blogs on Estates & Trusts - Volume 1

The blogs do not simply review new cases and statutes, but usually provide extensive historical background. Case and statute critiques are provided when they run counter to established principles, or do not go far enough in reforming the law. The blogs are often of considerable length and often deal with topics that are somewhat obscure and are not otherwise easily accessible.

These blogs are now published in a convenient e-book format as a collection and the result is a unique and useful resource specific to Estate, Trust and related law.

The e-book is available for purchase from Apple Books, Amazon Kindle and Kobo for $19.99.

Apple Books: https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1583832988

Amazon Kindle: https://www.amazon.ca/Oosterhoff-Blogs-Estates-Trusts-1-ebook/dp/B09D54S4KC

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/oosterhoff-blogs-on-estates-trusts-volume-1

The following Blogs are contained in this volume:

1. Executor’s Right of Retainer

2. Abatement and General Powers of Appointment

3. Discrete Functions of Courts of Probate and Construction Revisited

4. Untraceable Beneficiaries in Estate Administration

5. In Specie Estate Distribution

6. Nature of the Trust Beneficiary’s Interest

7. The Rule in Cherry v. Boultbee

8. When Is an Estate Trustee Entitled to Take Compensation?

9. Passing of Accounts and Limitations

10. Indemnity of Estate Trustees Redux

11. Equitable Remedies for Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Fowler Estate v. Barnes

12. Equitable Remedies for Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Servello v. Servello

13. Equitable Remedies for Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Granger v. Granger

14. An Irrevocable Right of Survivorship?

15. The Rule in Saunders v. Vautier: Use It or Lose It?

16. Public Appeals

17. Republication of Wills: A Forgotten Doctrine?

18. Benjamin Orders Redux

19. Delegating the Power to Appoint Executors

20. Public Appeals – Update on the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund

21. Delegating the Power to Appoint Executors – Update

22. What Is a Will and What is the Role of a Court of Probate

23. What is a Will and What is the Role of a Court of Probate – Update

24. There Is No Presumption of Undue Influence in Probate!

25. What Is a Will and What is the Role of a Court of Probate Redux: Re Milne and Re Panda

26. Is a Notice of Objection to Estate Accounts Subject to Limitations?

27. Power of Attorney and Attorney: Correct Usage

28. Admissible Evidence in Construing Wills

29. Time Whereof the Memory of Man Runneth Not to the Contrary

30. Anti-lapse Legislation and Unsatisfied Conditions

31. Curbing the Scourge of Predatory Marriages by Legislation

32. Bare Trusts and Perpetuities

33. Locus of Title in an Unadministered Estate Redux

34. Modernizing the Law of Wills in Manitoba

35. Can You Sever a Joint Tenancy by a “Zombie” Transfer?

36. Executing Wills and Powers of Attorney During the Pandemic

37. Gifts Over on Death Before Receipt

38. Reducing a Surviving Spouse’s Preferential Share on a Partial Intestacy

39. Curbing the Scourge of Predatory Marriages by Legislation – Update

40. Repeal of Probate Charges in Manitoba

41. The Usefulness of a Validating Power

42. Electronic Wills

43. Statutory Wills

44. Varying a Charitable Trust of a Park

45. Secret Trusts: Once More Unto the Breach

46. Electronic Wills Encore: New BC Legislation

47. What Information Must a Trustee Disclose to Beneficiaries

48. Invalid Trusts and Other Issues in Matrimonial Proceedings

49. Are Members (and Directors) of Charitable Corporations Fiduciaries?

50. The Uniform Benevolent and Community Crowdfunding Act

51. Application of Cy-Près Doctrine to Charitable Gift

52. Yet Another May-December Marriage

53. Missing Case – Grassing v. Riley

54. Inheritance on Intestacy

55. Welcome Amendments to Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act

56. Why Does Ontario Have Estate Trustees?

57. When Can a Judge Sit in the Testator’s Armchair?

58. When Should the Court Remove a Co-Executor?

59. The Perils of Losing Your Beneficiary Designation

60. Entitlement to Proof of a Will in Solemn Form

61. The ‘Slayer Rule’: The Bank of Nova Scotia Company v. Rogers

62. A Statutory Devolution of the Office of Administrator in Ontario?

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