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Toronto Star Announces New Journalism in Ageing Fellowship

In recent news, the Toronto Star have announced they are partnering with the National Institute of Ageing (NIA) and Toronto Metropolitan University to start a new fellowship “focused on producing meaningful journalism on aging”[1].

The Journalism in Ageing Fellowship will involve selecting one fellow annually who will work with Toronto Star reporters to explore the challenges and polices that impact Canada’s older population. It will also seek to assess how existing systems can be transformed to better support our elderly.

The fellow will be selected by a committee of members from the Toronto Star, the NIA and Toronto Metropolitan University. It is intended for those journalists with at least three years of professional experience and the first fellowship term will begin in January 2024 and run until December 2024.

To those practitioners in Estates and Trusts, a field which often sees the impacts of Elder Abuse and other challenges faced by the elderly, this is a welcome development.

As Canada’s population ages, this has increased the need for a conversation on topics such as substitute-decisions making, capacity issues, elder abuse and how well our current legal system is able to accommodate these challenges. As Anna Marie Owens, Editor-in-Chief of the Toronto Star states: “having more journalists focused on these issues helps inform the critical national conversation we all need to have as Canada ages”[2].

[1] https://www-thestar-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.thestar.com/news/canada/toronto-star-partnering-with-national-institute-on-ageing-and-tmu-to-establish-new-journalism-in/article_5296b04c-681b-5167-861c-4b5e877d703c.amp.html

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